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In the wake of the unfortunate Shoreham incident it would be interesting to see what safety measures would be employed by Duxford at their last major event of the season. Under the watchful eyes of the media it is fair to say that the organisers handled the situation well and the subtle changes made to the display had little impact upon the quality of the show.  

IWM Duxford, Autumn 2015, Great Britain

The weather was perfect for aviation photography with a mixture of sun and cloud with good visibility.

After Sally B had made her final pass the formation of Spitfires thundered through creating a visual spectacle to the amazing sounds of multiple Rolls-Royce Merlin engines harping the same beautiful tune. The formation was held for several passes before breaking into two sets to perform a tail chase on each side of the airfield. As the sun dipped in and out of the cloud stunning silhouettes of the passing aircraft were captured in all their glory and moments I will never forget.

The finale to the show was simply epic. A grand total of 19 Spitfires and Sally B took to the air in golden evening sunshine. While Sally B impressed the crowd with several passes the 19 Spitfires assembled their formation in the distance.

Highlights of the show included displays by; the RAF Synchro Pair consisting of Spitfire and Typhoon; the RAF's Chinook; a multitude of spitfires and hurricanes; a pair of Buchons; Gladiators and not forgetting the wonderful Bristol Blenheim. However, the best act was still to come.  

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