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Ramex Delta Mirage 2000N

Air Force Days 2014, Kleine Brogel, Belgium

Like the Swiss Air Force, 2014 prompted celebrations for both a century of air power for the Belgium Air Force and 40 years of the F-16 in active service. The event 'Belgian Air Force Days' was held at Kleine Brogel AFB between 12-14 September 2014.

BAFD attracted many desirable participants including; Eastern Bloc Mig-29's from the Slovakian and Polish Air Forces; Mi-24 Hind and Mi-171 Hip from the Czech Republic; Rafale (and the Marine variant), Mirage 2000D duo RAMEX Delta from the French Air Force and Navy; Typhoons from Germany; P-3 Orion from Norway; and F-16 Team Zeus from the Greek Air Force, to name a few.

The event was also an opportunity for a number of international teams to promote their countries including the Red Arrows, Al Fursan, Frecce Tricolori, Swiss PC-7 Team, Royal Jordanian Falcons, Breitling Jet Team and the Red Devils.

Air Force participants included; F-16's; NH90 Helicopter; Mi-24 Hind; C-130J Hercules; NATO E-3 Awacs; and a remote drone. With the stage set the demonstration began to unfold.

In addition to the Eastern Bloc fighters and helicopters that put on excellent displays, the other highlight of the show was the Belgian Air Force's Joint Power Tactical Demonstration whereby a situation had arisen that ground militia forces had taken control of the airfield.

Thanks go to the Belgian Air Force, the teams, sponsors and participants for putting on a fantastic event.

F-16's came powering in from all corners of the airfield to intimidate the militia forces, deploying flares and strafing targets. The C-130J Hercules using a tactical landing approach deployed allied force troops to tackle the situation from the ground whilst being protected by the helicopters. The Awacs and drone provided constant tactical data to both air and ground teams until the situation was controlled. The demonstration provided much action and an insight into how armed forces from different nations can work together to resolve world crisis efficiently and effectively with minimal collateral damage and loss to civilian life.             

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